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Spa Packages

Enjoy one of our specialty packages or create your own package for that special someone.

Packages do not have to be used up in 1 day. Snacks/lunch served with packages used in 1 day.

*All prices are valid and are subject to change without notice.

Mud Body Care Package


Body Exfoliation & Mud Body Wrap

Discover the many health benefits of the mud wrap.This relaxing wrap begins with a body cleanse and dry loofah exfoliation.Your body is then enveloped with the Moor mud, which will help remineralize the body and encourage detoxification. Finishes off with a hydrating body cream.

Hot Stone Package


Hot Stone Facial, Hot Stone Pedicure & 30 Minute Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy some time with yourself and some hot stones.

Relaxing Exclusive Spa Package


Body Exfoliation, Cocoa Body Wrap, 30 Minute Massage & Chocolate Facial

Body cleanse and dry loofah exfoliation. A hot cocoa wrap helps to relax and soften the skin. A chocolate facial invigorates and awakens the face.​

Honey & Cocoa Relaxing Care Package


Body Exfoliation & Cocoa Body Wrap

Begins with body cleanse, then a honey and sugar body scrub eliminates dead cells and refines the skin.A hot cocoa wrap helps to relax and soften the skin.

Draining Honey Body Treatment


Body Exfoliation & 30 Minute Massage

Starts off with body cleanse. A honey and sugar scrub eliminates the dead cells and refines the skin.A complex of honey and essential oils is used in a draining massage. This treatment helps to relax, lighten and refresh the legs.Finishes with an application of the five spice draining gel.

Spicy Slimming Body Care Package


30 Minute Massage & Ginger Body Wrap The massage uses essential oils contain slimming and draining properties.Finishes with Guarana ginger slimming and detoxifying wrap.​

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