What is microneedling?​

Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that aims to treat scar tissue, lax skin, wrinkles, and large pores by increasing collagen production.

How does microneedling work?

Several fine and short needles pierce the skin. Microneedling works by making controlled microinjuries in your skin, which your body will then heal while producing collagen, which results in younger looking skin. The skin’s repair process results in improvement in the appearance of the skin. 

What are the benefits?
Microneedling can reduce acne scarring very well, even if the scarring is deep or pitted. The process treats age spots, blackheads, hyper-pigmentation (melasma), acne spots and scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and improves the appearance of dull, “tired-looking” skin. It can be used on the face, neck, décolleté, arms, hands, legs, abdomen, and neck—the areas that often reveal the most tell-tale signs of aging and sun damage. Automated micro-needling is an innovation in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of the appearance of fine lines, reduction of pores and acne and/or surgical scars, and the improvement of the skin’s texture, tone, and colour.